Spanish courses in Madrid

 Do you know Madrid?  Of course!!!

For sure, you have already visited it, and you know that Madrid is a wonderful place to visit.

 I think people like Madrid because in this city everybody can find a place to enjoy.

Madrid is a city chosen by a large number of students to learn Spanish. Learning a new language is not only about learning grammar and vocabulary, but also knowing how people live, think and behave. It means enriching yourself with a new culture, and a new way of living.

The long summer days offer the possibility of doing a Spanish course in the morning and enjoying the rest of the day visiting different places such as: museums, palaces, monuments, theatres… all of them offer such a variety of activities and exhibitions that it is difficult to choose one of them.

 If you want to do a Spanish course in Madrid we would like you to know our school: Sí.la.bas . In our intensive summer courses we have: small groups (maximum 4 people), qualified teachers and affordable prices.

And, of course, after lessons and visits to Museums, you need to drink a cold beer in one of the fantastic Terrazas that the city has in almost every street, square or corner.  All my students ask me the same question:

 Do Spanish people work?  Good question!!  We work, but we find one hour to have a drink.

 For another thing, Madrid has a most convenient location. How about going to Toledo on Saturday or Monday??  Or a bit further to Barcelona or Sevilla by train in two hours??

 Although there is not a beach, there are some rivers where you can have a bath during the sunny days of summer.

If your course is finishing, you need to do shopping. Stores and small shops where you can find an exclusive gift are easy to find, although the best present would be a Spanish course. Wouldn’t it??